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Choose a gas fireplace as a room divider and create a stylish separation between two different rooms. Thanks to the tall glass pane, you can view the realistic fire from several positions. In addition, you can enjoy the warmth in both rooms. The room divider can be installed floating or in a wall. Discover our collection of room dividers and be inspired by the ambiance they create.


Discover our versatile gas fireplace collection. From front- view and see-through fireplaces to room dividers and 3-sided fireplaces, with a gas fireplace from Element4 you are guaranteed to get optimal user-friendliness and fabulous design. Our gas fireplaces are easy to maintain and have a minimal installation depth starting at just 25 centimeters. This saves you valuable space. In addition, you benefit from the most beautiful fire at a low setting.



    The Quad Burner has five different burners. This way you can endlessly adjust the flames and the heat intensity. Thanks to the large number of burners, it is possible to create a lot of heat in a short time. At the same time you enjoy an impressive flame picture . Want to switch to low power? Then simply switch off a number of burners with the touch of a button.